'Punky Brewster' is single mom of three in sequel series trailer

April 16 (UPI) -- New streaming service Peacock is giving a glimpse of the Punky Brewster sequel series.

The NBCUniversal service shared a teaser trailer for the revival Wednesday featuring original star Soleil Moon Frye in her title role of Punky Brewster.


The preview shows an adult Punky raising three kids as a single mom. Punky says that motherhood has helped her rediscover her "Punky power."

Freddie Prinze, Jr., also appears in the preview as Punky's ex-husband, Travis. The series co-stars Cherie Johnson as Punky's best friend, Cherie, and Quinn Copeland as Izzy, a girl in foster care who reminds Punky of her younger self.

Punky Brewster has suspended filming due to the coronavirus pandemic but may still premiere this year, according to Variety.

Peacock launched Wednesday for Comcast subscribers and will make its official debut in July. The service is also developing a Saved by the Bell reboot featuring Mario Lopez.

The original Punky Brewster had a four-season run from 1984 to 1988.

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