Andy Cohen on recovering from COVID-19: 'Take it one day at a time'

April 7 (UPI) -- Andy Cohen discussed his recovery from COVID-19 while appearing on The Tonight Show.

"I've been feeling good for a week and a couple days. I went outside for the first time a couple days ago, which was really exciting," Cohen said to host Jimmy Fallon on Monday through webcam.


The Watch What Happens Live host first announced that he tested positive for the virus on March 20.

"I just want everybody to know, if you are diagnosed with this thing, take it one day at a time. The odds are in your favor, 80 percent of the cases are cases that work their way through your system. And it's not always pleasant but just take care, listen to your doctor, and take it one day at a time and try not to panic," Cohen continued.

Cohen also discussed how he was able to be with his 1-year-old Benjamin again after recovering.

"He was just delighted. His face lit up. It was not, you know I'm a dramatic guy. I kind of thought that it was going to be this super-dramatic reunion. He was like 'Here's a block. Play with me,'" Cohen said about seeing Benjamin again.

The Tonight Show also featured Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performing "I Think We're Along Now" from his house.

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