Savannah Guthrie returns to 'Today' after illness

March 31 (UPI) -- Today co-host Savannah Guthrie has returned to the show following her illness.

The 48-year-old television personality reunited with co-host Hoda Kotb on the series Monday after completing a cautionary quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.


Guthrie and Kotb celebrated their reunion while sitting several feet apart on the Today set.

"So many things are not normal, and in this moment, right now as I'm looking at you, something finally is," Kotb told Guthrie. "It's good to see your face."

"It feels good to be in the same room," Guthrie agreed. "I wish we were closer. Like, we used to snuggle up, but we're practicing our social distancing."

Guthrie also shared a selfie with Kotb on Instagram.

"Reunited!!!" she wrote, adding three heart emojis.

Guthrie spent the past two weeks working from home after coming down with a sore throat and runny nose.


"In an abundance of caution, and to model the super vigilance the CDC has asked of all of us, I'm staying home because I have a mild sore throat and runny nose. This was the advice of NBC's superb medical team and my bosses," Guthrie said March 17 on Instagram.

"I feel good and sure I will be back in no time - but during these days, it's on all of us to be extra cautious and caring of those around us," she added.

Guthrie previously missed several weeks of Today in December and January after injuring her eye during an incident with her 3-year-old son, Charley. She returned to the show Jan. 6 after recovering from retinal detachment surgery.

Kotb herself missed a week of Today this month after coming down with the flu. She returned to the show March 9 and said she was feeling "100 percent better."

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