Jameela Jamil on 'The Good Place' ending: 'I cried my heart out'

March 6 (UPI) -- Jameela Jamil said that she was emotional while filming the series finale to The Good Place on A Little Late with Lilly Singh.

Jamil, who portrayed Tahani on the comedy series which recently wrapped up after four seasons, said that she felt gratitude towards creator Mike Schur who allowed her to act for the first time in her career.


"I realized what an incredible opportunity this was that he gave me. This random brown girl from nowhere, he gave me this chance to act opposite and learn from Ted Danson and all these incredible actors, and I cried my heart out," she said on Thursday about finishing her final scenes.

"But it hit me and so it was incredibly emotional. Also, just to walk away from all of that catering, oh my god," she continued.

Jamil also discussed her I Weigh movement on social media. Jamil started I Weigh in order to promote how women are not defined by their weight.

"I just tweeted that actually I weigh the sum of all my parts. I weigh my financial independence, my mediocre sex skills, my amazing relationship, all of my amazing friends, the activism, the things that I'm overcoming and it went viral," the 34-year-old said.


The project has become a global movement with Jamil's I Weigh Instagram page gaining a million followers. The actress also said that I Weigh has allowed her to get Facebook and Instagram to protect minors from seeing posts revolving around detox, cosmetic surgery and dieting.

Jamil, before becoming an actress, was a host on live television shows for 10 years. She told Singh about how she once fell face-first during a play fight with a guest that caused her to lose her front tooth, break her elbow and gave her a concussion.

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