Janet Jackson details creation of 'Nasty' on 'Tonight Show'

Feb. 11 (UPI) -- Janet Jackson appeared on The Tonight Show where she discussed the creation of her classic album Control and her upcoming tour.

Jackson, on Tuesday, said that she created her hit Control song "Nasty" with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis after her and a friend were cat-called by older men.


"Walking out of the hotel there were like five or six older guys standing up against the wall and they just basically started started messing with us," the music icon said.

"I didn't like it very much and I was pretty embarrassed. I was actually pretty upset and I came back to the studio that night and told Jimmy and Terry my experience. It turned into the song "Nasty."

"Nasty," as Fallon pointed out, famously features the lyrics "No, my first name ain't baby/ It's Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty."

Jackson said that the "Nasty" line is frequently brought up to her by fans and fellow entertainers. "I get it from everyone," she said.

Jackson, 53, will begin touring North America starting in June. The singer confirmed to Fallon that her new upcoming album is titled Black Diamond after the tour.


"It's the toughest of the stones, of the diamonds to cut. I heard that immediately as hard to hurt, to destroy. In my recent years I've come to realize that I'm incredibly strong," she said about the meaning behind Black Diamond.

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