Young Bucks call AEW's tag team division world's best

Young Bucks call AEW's tag team division world's best
Nick (L) and Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks are the centerpiece of AEW's Tag Team Division. The Young Bucks will be a featured part of Bash at the Beach on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on TNT. Photo courtesy of AEW

Jan. 15 (UPI) -- Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks think All Elite Wrestling has the best tag team division in the world.

"I feel very strongly about saying that our tag team division is the best in the world and I don't even think it's close," Nick Jackson told UPI during a recent interview. "Perhaps the strongest division in the company, too. Almost every tag team is pretty over with the fans."


Matt Jackson agreed with his brother.

"We said our main objective was to have the greatest tag team division in the world and we meant that," the grappler said.

AEW will showcase its flourishing tag team division at Bash at the Beach edition of Dynamite on Wednesday in Miami. It would be an event, the brothers said, that rivals other wrestling pay-per-view events.

"We always try to book our shows with pay-per-view-quality matches, so with a theme like Bash at the Beach, you can expect even bigger matches on that card," Nick Jackson said.


The name Bash at the Beach will be familiar to longtime wrestling fans, as it was one of the now-defunct WCW's marquee pay-per-view events. AEW's version will feature a new look and set design different from normal episodes of Dynamite.

Matches announced for Bash at the Beach include Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara, Pac vs. Darby Allin, Kris Statlander and Shida vs. Awesome Kong and Mel of The Nightmare Collective and professional wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page returning to action to team up with Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall to battle MJF, The Butcher and The Blade.

The Young Bucks will compete in a 4-Way Tag Team match against Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page, Santana and Ortiz and Best Friends. The winning team will earn a championship match against SCU.

The Young Bucks, despite not being AEW World Tag Team Champions, are the top team in the company due to their popularity, YouTube series Being The Elite, high-octane wrestling style and status as executive vice presidents of AEW.

"I don't think I knew exactly what it meant to be an executive vice president when I signed on for the job," Matt Jackson said before explaining how he and his brother are involved with all aspects of AEW and Dynamite.


"I'm not just a wrestler anymore," he continued. "The office work is pretty new to me and I don't love it. I love Wednesday nights, though, and I love collaborating, creating and I love wrestling still. The highlight of my week is being able to go in and do the things we've been talking about for six days, going out and actually performing it and then watching it back."

AEW still is fairly new to the professional wrestling scene, having launched the weekly Dynamite on TNT in October. The Young Bucks have been there since the beginning, also helping with the formation and hiring of the staff inside and outside the ring.

The Young Bucks are at the center of AEW's tag team division, which features many teams they have worked with in the past including AEW World Tag Team Champions SCU, Best Friends and The Dark Order, along with new teams like Private Party.

"We knew that we made enough friendships from throughout the years working in Japan, working in the independents and having these matches, this body of work with all of these guys," Matt Jackson said. "We knew that we had the best tag teams available, and they would probably come with us because they knew how serious we took tag team wrestling."


"We've done it all over the world, so we figured why can't we do this on a wider, broader stage in front of millions of people?" he continued.

The Young Bucks also are famously a part of The Elite, a band of AEW's most popular wrestlers that include Omega, Cody and Page. Omega and Cody also serve as executive vice presidents.

The Elite, before winning a handful of matches in the new year, was on a losing streak. The group was not appearing together often on Dynamite and Page has started a storyline where he appears ready to leave The Elite.

Omega, Cody and Page, who appear frequently on Being The Elite, have notably been unable to capture championship gold in AEW. The Young Bucks want fans to be patient as The Elite goes through a rough patch.

"It's all by design. It's long-term booking," Nick Jackson said. "Once the story is finally developed, the fans should be pretty satisfied. We would like to tell the fans to stay tuned because they haven't seen anything yet."

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