Danny McBride approached by Kanye West to portray him in a movie

Wade Sheridan

July 25 (UPI) -- Danny McBride said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he met with Kanye West about portraying the rapper in a film about his life.

McBride, who recently moved to Charleston, S.C., said on Wednesday that West called him out-of-the-blue and flew over to hangout with him at the comedian's house in order to discuss the project.


"We went out on a boat. We just talked, he was awesome. It was the most incredible afternoon," McBride said about meeting with West after calling the idea for the movie brilliant.

McBride's day with West ended with the pair watching his 7-year-old play Fortnite.

"It was like a dream, we both saw it," McBride said after Kimmel questioned if any of this had actually happened.

"I'd love to play Kim Kardashian opposite your Kanye," Kimmel joked about starring as West's wife in the film.

McBride will next be seen in upcoming HBO comedy The Righteous Gemstones about a televangelist family that will premiere on Aug. 18. John Goodman, Adam Devine and Edi Patterson also star.


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