Patrick Stewart leads a crew again in 'Picard' trailer

By Karen Butler

July 20 (UPI) -- CBS All Access debuted a new trailer for its upcoming show Star Trek: Picard at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday.

The sci-fi drama is slated to start streaming in early 2020.


This weekend's 2-minute preview shows Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, former captain of the spaceship Enterprise, now living with his dog near a beautiful vineyard that can be watered by drones.

In one scene, Picard recalls how nearly two decades earlier, his friend Data sacrificed himself to save Picard's life.

He opens a drawer to reveal the dismembered android that was once Data.

"I really tried to belong here, but it never truly felt like home," Picard is heard saying in voice-over as he stares at the sky.

A young woman arrives later and asks Picard for help, prompting him to head to a city where he reports the incident to officials.

The clip ends with Picard back commanding the crew of a ship and saying, "Engage."

Also spotted in the trailer are new crew members played by Alison Pill, Harry Treadaway and Santiago Cabrera.


Stewart played Picard in the TV series Star Trek Next Generation, which initially aired 1987-94, as well as in several Star Trek movies.

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