WWE Smackdown: Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins join forces

Wade Sheridan

June 19 (UPI) -- WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Universal Champion Seth Rollins teamed up once again to conquer common enemies on Smackdown.

Kingston and Rollins joined forces in order to take on Kevin Owens and his close friend Sami Zayn in a 2-out-3 Falls Match in the main event. The rules state that the match continues until one team earns two pinfall or submission victories.


Kingston, right as the bout started, nailed Zayn with a Trouble in Paradise and pinned him for the three count in order to give himself and Rollins and early 1-0 lead.

The championship duo then ended things with their second victory after Rollins took out Owens with the Curb Stomp for the three count.

Kingston is set to defend his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler inside a steel cage on Sunday at Stomping Grounds while Rollins will be defending his Universal Championship against Baron Corbin who is allowed to choose a special guest referee for the bout. Rollins, on Smackdown, had continued to attack anyone who was thinking about becoming the special guest referee.


Also on Smackdown, Shane McMahon placed The Miz into a match against Drew McIntyre and Elias after the A-lister interrupted the boss with footage of Roman Reigns taking him out on Raw.

McMahon gave The Miz 10 seconds to find a tag team partner when 24/7 Champion R-Truth had suddenly emerged from under the ring, his new hiding spot to protect his title. The Miz selected Truth for the Tag Team elimination match, meaning that the bout would continue until each member of a team was defeated.

Truth was eliminated first which left The Miz alone to battle against McIntyre and Elias. The Miz, despite a valiant effort, was defeated following a Claymore Kick from McIntyre. The Scottish Psychopath, who will be facing Reigns at Stomping Grounds, delivered two more Claymore Kick's to The Miz after the match for good measure.

Other moments from Smackdown included Ziggler defeating New Day member Xavier Woods, Heavy Machinery defeating The B-Team, and Alexa Bliss and Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley getting into a war of words during an episode of A Moment of Bliss.


Bliss, who is challenging Bayley for her title at Stomping Grounds, stated that The Huggable One had peaked during her time at NXT and that her career is the one Bayley always wanted. A fight broke out between the two competitors which was broken up by Bliss' friend Nikki Cross. Bliss then used the distraction to take out Bayley from behind.

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