Selena Gomez says new album is done on 'Tonight Show'

Wade Sheridan

June 12 (UPI) -- Selena Gomez appeared on The Tonight Show where she confirmed to host Jimmy Fallon that she is done with her latest album.

"I'm actually done. I have to do like a few finishing things with it, but I'm just relieved," Gomez said on Tuesday.


"It took me four years now to even feel at a good place with this album, and it's just because I had such huge moments that happened in my life personally that how was I going to capture that and how was I gonna actually feel good about what I was saying? So I just kept going and I'm relived now," she continued.

Gomez also said that her music will always have a sense of strong pop but with this new project she experimented more with different sounds.

Gomez also spoke about her experience starring in upcoming horror comedy The Dead Don't Die which also stars Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton and many others taking on a horde of zombies.

Fallon presented the pop star with a photo of Murray whispering something to her that was taken at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and asked Gomez what he said to her.


"He was just saying dumb things," Gomez said of how Murray would always try to make her laugh. "Yeah, he's fun. He's a big kid," she said.

Gomez's Tonight Show appearance also included eating a number of progressively hotter chicken wings with Fallon as the pair answered questions from Hot Ones host Sean Evans.

Gomez fared better then Fallon at eating the wings at first, but then also started to cry due to the spiciness.

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