James Holzhauer's 'Jeopardy!' streak comes to end just shy of record total

By Danielle Haynes

June 3 (UPI) -- After racking up $2.4 million in prize money, professional sports gambler James Holzhauer's record-breaking run on Jeopardy! came to an end Monday.

Holzhauer lost in his 33rd game on the trivia show, coming $22,002 shy of the winner of the episode, librarian Emma Boettcher.


He came just $58,484 short of breaking the $2.52 million overall record that Ken Jennings set in 2004. Holzhauer nearly hit that amount in 32 wins, less than half the record number of wins Jennings logged -- 74, also a record.

But Holzhauer set his own records -- 15, in fact. He holds the Top 15 spots for most money won in an episode, topping out with $131,127 on April 17. His average daily win was $77,000, more than three times the average amount contestants won before he began his streak.

Holzhauer joked about his loss on Twitter, making reference to a so-called curse in the sports world involving singer Drake.

"Knew I shouldn't have invited @Drake to the @Jeopardy taping," he said. He also congratulated Boettcher.

"To everyone: Thanks for the support, and remember to be good humans," he tweeted.


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