'Sesame Street' teaches respect in 'Westworld,' 'Game of Thrones' mashups

By Annie Martin
Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores Abernathy on "Westworld." File Photo by Christine Chew/UPI
Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores Abernathy on "Westworld." File Photo by Christine Chew/UPI | License Photo

April 19 (UPI) -- Sesame Street teaches respect to Westworld and Game of Thrones characters in a pair of cute mashup videos.

The beloved children's program, which airs with Westworld and Game of Thrones on HBO, released the clips Thursday as part of its ongoing 50th anniversary celebration.


The Westworld mashup shows Cookie Monster help ideologically-opposed hosts Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) see eye-to-eye.

"You two should respect each other and work together," Cookie Monster tells the pair. "Respect important for everybody -- people, monsters, even you, robot lady."

"You see, respect a lot like cookie ... if you only have one cookie, you can choose to share cookie," he added before giving Bernard half of the treat. "See? Me give you cookie and me get cookie. Just like you can give respect to get respect."

In another video, Elmo brings peace to warring Game of Thrones siblings Cersei (Lena Headey) and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage).

"Elmo thinks that you two need to respect each other. When Elmos has a problem with his friends like Abby [Cadabby] or Cookie Monster, Elmo doesn't get upset -- Elmo listens and learns from what they have to say," Elmo says.


Sesame Street kicked off its "Respect Can Bring Us Together" campaign the same day. The campaign stresses the importance of respecting one another, even in times of disagreement.

"Sesame Street was created in 1969, a time not unlike today, when there were large social divisions. A key purpose of the show has always been to model that everyone, no matter who you are or where you are, deserves respect," Sesame Workshop president Jeffrey D. Dunn said in a press release.

"Our hope with this campaign is that a lighthearted look at a very serious subject can help us all pause for a moment to remember the value in respecting the viewpoints of others, even when they differ greatly from our own," he added.

Sesame Street announced its yearlong 50th anniversary celebration in February. The celebration will feature new social impact initiatives, digital campaigns and community events.

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