'Stan Against Evil' is a 'half-hour respite' from 'real horror,' creator says

Karen Butler
Season 3 of Dana Gould's horror comedy, Stan Against Evil, is to debut Wednesday. Photo courtesy of IFC
Season 3 of Dana Gould's horror comedy, "Stan Against Evil," is to debut Wednesday. Photo courtesy of IFC

Oct. 27 (UPI) -- Stan Against Evil creator and cast member Dana Gould said he is happy to work on a supernatural comedy that offers people a fun escape during stressful times.

"Occasionally, you need to take time for some fake horror and that's what we provide. There's so much real horror, we just like to give a little, half-hour respite," Gould told UPI at New York Comic Con.


"Sometimes I do feel like a cabaret announcer in the Weimar Republic, but I'll leave the country if I have to," he added with a laugh. "The show really is a comic book. It's a cheeseburger. It is to be ingested for pleasure."

Season 3 of Stan Against Evil will debut on IFC Wednesday.

The show stars John C. McGinley as grouchy, retired New Hampshire police sheriff Stan Miller and Janet Varney as Evie Barrett, his perky replacement. Together, they team up to rid their cursed town Willard's Mill of the various demons and monsters that wreak havoc there.

Deborah Baker Jr. and Nate Mooney return as Stan's daughter Denise and Deputy Leon Drinkwater respectively. Gould plays the recurring role of chatty cemetery worker Kevin.


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