Ashley Iaconetti says Kevin Wendt relationship lacked 'magic'

By Annie Martin

March 15 (UPI) -- Ashley Iaconetti says her relationship with ex-boyfriend Kevin Wendt lacked "magic."

The 30-year-old television personality shared the "harsh" reasons behind her split from her Bachelor Winter Games co-star on Wednesday's episode of the Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast.


"It sounds a little harsh but it's just that lack of magic," she explained. "We get along very well, but there's just a little something missing and you can't really pinpoint what it is. That's just how I feel."

Wendt, who spoke to Iaconetti and her co-host, Ben Higgins, on the podcast, agreed the relationship was short on "spark."

"You get these connections all the time where if you take away our outside world and just put Ashley and me on an island together, we'd probably get along really well and that's what [Bachelor Winter Games] was," the star said.

"Then you add in everything else -- everyday interest to when we get up in the morning -- there's just lifestyles where two people can go in different directions. It doesn't mean that they still don't love and respect each other," he added.

Iaconetti and Wendt got together on Bachelor Winter Games after competing on The Bachelor Season 19 and The Bachelorette Canada Season 1, respectively. The couple confirmed their split Monday following the Bachelor Winter Games finale in February.


"It was a little weird to have to figure out a long-term plan so soon," a source told ET. "Ashley and Kevin were both really into each other, they just weren't sure if it was a forever thing."

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