Robert Irwin returns to 'Tonight Show' with more animals

By Wade Sheridan  |  April 21, 2017 at 11:32 AM
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April 21 (UPI) -- Robert Irwin, the son of the late Steve Irwin, visited The Tonight Show for the second time Thursday to share with host Jimmy Fallon a new collection of furry friends.

Before getting started with his wildlife showcase, Fallon commented on how closely Robert resembles his father.

"A lot of the viewers said you look like your dad. You're a spitting image. He'd be so proud," Fallon said before showing the audience a side-by-side photo of the pair at the age of 13.

"It's a bit wild. When my mom first showed this to me, I thought it was me," the young wildlife expert said. "I can't tell them apart. I said, 'It's me. What's the big deal?' Until you look at dad's shirt, you don't even realize that it's two different people."

Robert then introduced the late night host to Jane, a dictator scorpion whom Fallon was unwilling to hold. Next up was a pair of playful baby black bears-- one of which ended up nibbling on Fallon's thumb as Robert commented on how they can be "hyperactive."

Other animals Fallon was introduced to included a binturong who smelled his head and a green aracari, one of the smallest species of toucan. The segment ended with Robert having the bird fly to Fallon has he stood inside the audience.

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