Mama June on her weight loss: 'I will never go back'

The reality star went from a size 24 to 4 after having gastric sleeve surgery in 2015.

By Annie Martin

April 5 (UPI) -- Mama June says she "will never go back" after losing 300 pounds.

The 37-year-old reality star, born June Shannon, discussed her transformation in interviews this week after unveiling her drastic weight loss on the WE tv series Mama June: From Not to Hot.


"I do feel a little bit tired at times, but for the most part, I feel really good," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I mean, I'm able to get around more, I'm able to do more and stuff like that ... I will never go back to what I looked like."

Mama June went from a size 24 to a 4 after having gastric sleeve surgery in May 2015, but told ABC News she had "to work almost everyday" to achieve results. Her youngest daughter, 11-year-old Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo, supported her throughout the journey.

"I have a new mom," Alana said. "Well, it's not like a new mom, it's just she has a new body ... It's like they cut off her head and then put it on another body."

"She sees the person [in the mirror] she has always wanted to be," she added.


Mama June is also mom to 17-year-old Lauryn Thompson, aka Pumpkin, and estranged daughters Jessica Shannon and Anna Shannon-Cardwell. She told People she hopes Alana and Lauryn will learn from her mistakes.

"I don't want them to go through what I went through in school or with surgery," the star said. "I've seen them lose and gain weight, but I don't want them to end up like I did at 460 pounds. Who would want that?"

"If they [ultimately have to have surgery], they've got to realize it's not just a surgery thing, you have to change body, your frame of mind, what you eat, everything," she added.

Mama June and her family initially came to fame on the TLC series Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Mama June: From Not to Hot will air its season finale Friday.

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