'Humans' star Colin Morgan says he's not courting 'Doctor Who' role

By Karen Butler
Photo of "Humans" stars Colin Morgan and Gemma Chan, courtesy of AMC
1 of 2 | Photo of "Humans" stars Colin Morgan and Gemma Chan, courtesy of AMC

Feb. 25 (UPI) -- Irish actor Colin Morgan says he isn't chasing the title role of Doctor Who now that Peter Capaldi has announced he is leaving the beloved, sci-fi series.

Morgan's name has been bandied about online by fans and journalists as a possible replacement. However, the 31-year-old Humans star seems content to stay where he is for now.


"It all comes around, I guess, when the re-generation of the new Doctor comes along. It's been asked of me before," Morgan told UPI in a recent phone interview. "I guess, in all honesty, it's not something I have my sights set on at the moment, but who knows?"    

Morgan emphasized there is enough rich material to continue exploring his robot-themed drama Humans over several more seasons, should AMC keep renewing it.

"There's definitely more to tell. As you see Season 2 progress, I feel like your hunger is going to grow for more, I think, as an audience member," he said. "It takes you in a completely different direction. I think it is very unpredictable. It is very surprising and I think people will enjoy being challenged in that way. Season 2 comes to a form of conclusion that also opens up a whole other Pandora's Box of things to be explored. If the opportunity to explore those exists, I think everybody will be on-board for going along, as well."  


Co-starring Tom Goodman-Hill, Katherine Parkinson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Emily Berrington, Gemma Chan, Jack Derges and Ivanno Jeremiah, Humans airs Monday nights on AMC. Capaldi's last season in Doctor Who is to begin on the BBC and BBC America in April.

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