Jimmy Fallon as post-Iowa Donald Trump: 'Basically I won twice'

Marilyn Malara

NEW YORK, Feb. 4 (UPI) -- Jimmy Fallon impersonated Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during Wednesday night's episode of The Tonight Show.

During the segment, Fallon -- dressed in his best Trump costume, now a regular occurrence on the show -- delivered an unorthodox victory speech explaining "why two is better than one."


"One plus one is two, so basically I won Twice," Fallon's Trump said. "What I'm saying is I'm proud to be as second. From now on, when you think Donald Trump, I want you to think 'huge number two.'"

The clip comes shortly after Trump placed second in the Iowa caucus behind Sen. Ted Cruz. The remaining Republican candidates will continue their campaigns in New Hampshire ahead of the caucus there Feb. 9.

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