Allison Williams flies in promo for 'Peter Pan Live!'

The actress will portray the title character alongside Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.

By Annie Martin

NEW YORK, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Allison Williams flies in a new promo for Peter Pan Live!

The 26-year-old actress will portray the title character in the live production Dec. 4 on NBC. The preview sees Williams sing and fly as the boy who wouldn't grow up, with Taylor Louderman as young Wendy Darling and Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.


Williams promoted the television special Monday on The Tonight Show. The actress explained the wires and harness that allow the "flying" to happen, and taught host Jimmy Fallon to soar, albeit not very smoothly.

"The coolest thing is the first time you go up into the air," she related. "I've watched a couple people do it for the first time and it is just... everyone has the same expression on their face, it's just utter joy ... I love watching people take flight for the first time."

Williams is the daughter of NBC news anchor Brian Williams, and best known for portraying Marnie Michaels on HBO series Girls. The actress has also guest starred on on FX sitcom The League and Fox comedy The Mindy Project.


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