Parents group objects to skin in NBC pilot

LOS ANGELES, April 2 (UPI) -- A watchdog group said it was appalled at NBC for apparently pushing the nudity envelop in its U.S. television pilot "Playboy Club."

The Parents Television Council said NBC had assured federal regulators its merger with Comcast would not involve the airing of "pornographic material" over the public airwaves, but they appear to be reneging already.


The Hollywood Reporter said Saturday the PTC saw red when it was revealed the cast of the upcoming pilot were required to sign nudity clauses in their contracts.

"NBC now says it will air a pilot with 'Playboy' in its name and the production company is requiring performers to sign a nudity clause -- something virtually unheard of for broadcast TV," said PTC President Tim Winter.

"Playboy Club" will star Eddie Cibrian of "CSI: Miami" as a Chicago lawyer who is also a member of the city's legendary Playboy Club.

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