CNN betting big on 'Parker Spitzer'

HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 25 (UPI) -- New CNN President Ken Jautz says he plans to improve prime-time ratings with programming that is "compelling and engaging, (and) sometimes more fun."

In an interview published Friday by The Hollywood Reporter, Jautz said he will rely heavily on three new personalities -- Kathleen Parker, Eliot Spitzer and Piers Morgan -- to raise ratings with their "livelier and more engaging" points of view.


Jautz has a direct hand in bringing two new, much-anticipated shows to the cable network: "Parker Spitzer" debuts Oct. 4, while Morgan will take over as Larry King's replacement in early 2011.

When asked if he was interested in trying to bring Katie Couric to CNN, Jautz replied, "Like I said, I am really focused on these three personalities and two shows and I don't have any other announcements -- be it shows or people -- beyond that.

"As long as we continue to be smart and insightful and informed in our reporting and analysis, that will differentiate us."

When asked what measure of ratings improvement he would consider a success, Jautz said: "Higher."

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