NewJeans to make Japanese debut with 'Supernatural'

By Yonhap News Agency
K-pop group NewJeans is making its in the Japanese market with its new single, "Supernatural." File Photo by Keizo Mori/UPI
K-pop group NewJeans is making its in the Japanese market with its new single, "Supernatural." File Photo by Keizo Mori/UPI | License Photo

June 21 (UPI) -- South Korean girl group NewJeans will make its debut in the Japanese market with its new single, "Supernatural," on Friday, the group's agency said.

The title track "Supernatural" has a new jack swing style that showcases the members' soft vocals and evokes a nostalgic feeling, according to ADOR.


The track samples the iconic ad-lib and bridge from "Back of My Mind," a 2009 collaboration between pop star Pharrell Williams and Japanese singer Manami, reinterpreting it into NewJeans' unique style.

The single set for release at 1 p.m. consists of four tracks -- the title track, the sidetrack "Right Now" and instrumental versions of the two songs.

"We're really excited and happy to make our Japanese debut, which we have anticipated for a long time," the group said through the agency. "It feels like we're opening a new chapter in Japan."

The K-pop quintet introduced the song "Supernatural" as an addictive track "that lingers in your mind once you listen to it."

"The intro and Pharrell Williams' ad-lib are intense, and the following synthesizer sound and beat are incredibly exciting," the group said, adding it paid great attention to dancing in sync with backup dancers to create a party-like feel.


"Right Now" was pre-released in a music video that caught people's attention for its vibrant colors and visually striking cinematography.

The song is characterized by the fast rhythm of drums and bass and the members' smooth vocals that contrast with it.

NewJeans described "Right Now" as "a song that showcases our cool and mature charm."

The group made its first live performance of "Supernatural" on a Japanese morning TV show Friday. It will continue its activities in Japan by appearing on various local TV music programs.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the group will hold a large-scale meet-and-greet event for fans at Tokyo Dome in the Japanese capital and perform more than 20 hit songs from the past, as well as new songs.

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