Yungblud releases new hype song 'The Emperor' for college football season

By Justin Klawans
Yungblud releases new hype song 'The Emperor' for college football season
Yungblud has released a new single, "The Emperor," that will be used by ESPN as its official anthem for the upcoming college football season. File Photo by James Atoa/UPI | License Photo

Aug. 5 (UPI) -- Singer Yungblud has released a new single, "The Emperor," which will serve as ESPN's official anthem for the upcoming college football season.

The U.K.-based singer dropped the single on Friday.

The singer also released an audio recording of the song on YouTube.

"It's a massive honor to have my song 'The Emperor' chosen as the anthem for ESPN's college football season," Yungblud said in a statement.

"I wrote this song when I was 17; it was just an outburst of unfiltered energy that I knew would have its moment one day," he said, adding that he had "played it live for years, but never found the right time to release it until now."


"College football is such a massive part of American culture, and all I ever want to do is bring energy to people, so I can't wait for the song to bring that energy to the fans and the players at the games all season."

The single comes as Yungblud prepares to release his upcoming third studio album, the self-titled Yungblud, on Sept 2.

He has previously released albums in 2018 and 2020 after starting his career in the music industry in the late 2010s.

His debut album hit the charts in three countries, and one of the singles, "Polygraph Eyes," was ranked one of the hottest songs in Australia in 2018.

The singer gained further notoriety after he performed a cover of the iconic David Bowie song "Life on Mars" in January 2021.

The cover would go on to be chosen as one of the soundtrack songs for the February 2021 landing of the NASA Perseverance rover on Mars.

For ESPN, the team-up with Yungblud will be the latest in a long collaboration between the sports giant and record label Interscope.

"In previous years we've selected music that matched the tone of college football. This year, with 'Emperor,' we partnered closely with the artist to custom build a song for football," ESPN senior director of sports marketing Curtis Friends said in a statement. "The chants, hype, and tone match perfectly to what we expect to feel around and inside college football this season."


"The up-tempo pace and energy of the song feels like the release of all the bottled up energy and intensity fans, players, and teams have had in anticipation for the upcoming season," Friends said, adding that the single was a "perfect fit thematically for the ebbs and flows of the season that will end with one team being crowned the next 'Emperor' of College Football."

Friends said that "The Emperor" will feature on ESPN's in-game and promotional coverage.

ESPN will also borrow from other Interscope clients this season, according to Billboard, including Halsey and DNCE.

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