Mighty Mighty Bosstones split after nearly 40 years

Jan. 28 (UPI) -- The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have split up after nearly 40 years as a band.

The ska band announced its breakup and thanked fans for their support in a statement on its website Thursday.


"After decades of brotherhood, touring the world and making great records together we have decided not to continue on as a band," the group said. "Above all, we want to express our sincere gratitude to every single one of you who have supported us. We could not have done any of it without you."

The Bosstones were formed in the early 1980s and released their debut studio album, Devil's Night Out, in 1989. The band's most successful album, Let's Face It, included the single "The Impression That I Get," and was released in 1997.


Most recently, the Bosstones released the album When God Was Great in May 2021. The album features the singles "The Final Parade," "I Don't Believe in Anything" and "The Killing of Georgie (Part III)."

The Bosstones' lineup included four founding members, Dicky Barrett, Tim "Johnny Vegas" Burton, Ben Carr and Joe Gittleman, at the time of its split.

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