Jon Bon Jovi asks fans to help write song 'Do What You Can'

March 23 (UPI) -- Jon Bon Jovi is asking fans to help him write the second verse of his song "Do What You Can" which tackles coronavirus outbreak issues.

Jovi asked for fans to help in a video posted to band Bon Jovi's YouTube channel on Sunday. The rockstar performed the first verse and chorus of "Do What You Can" inside of a studio.


"Tonight they're shutting down the borders and they boarded up the schools/ Small towns are rolling up their sidewalks, one last paycheck coming through/ I know you're feeling kind of nervous. We're all a little bit confused/ Nothing's the same, this ain't a game. We got to make it through," Jovi sang.

The singer and guitarist said he wanted fans to give him lyrics that describe what they're going through during the pandemic.

"Tell me how you're feeling. Tell me if you're hurting. Talk about that high school graduation that's gonna be canceled. Talk about that prom you might just not have. Talk about that baby coming, that there's nothing you can do about that. Talk about the paycheck that you're losing," he said.


Bon Jovi member keyboardist David Bryan announced on Instagram Saturday that he tested positive for COVID-19. Bryan said he is staying in quarantine and is feeling better each day.

The band is set to kick off a North American tour on June 10, however, it remains to be seen if the tour will still go on as scheduled due to the virus.

Bon Jovi will be releasing a new album titled Bon Jovi: 2020 on May 15.

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