Coldplay performs in public spaces in 'Orphans' music video

By Wade Sheridan

Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Coldplay released on Friday a new music video for their song "Orphans" which will appear on their upcoming album Everyday Life on Nov. 22.

The clip features frontman Chris Martin playing his guitar and singing the song while sitting down in public spaces.


The video also features the other band members working on the track together, nature scenes and Coldplay walking on the ceiling of a small room.

"I want to know when I can go/ Back and get drunk with my friends/ I want to know when I can go/ Back and be young again," Martin sings.

Coldplay also released onto YouTube Thursday a lyric video for "Arabesque" which will also appear on Everyday Life.

Coldplay's last album titled A Head Full of Dreams was released in 2015.

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