Lin-Manuel Miranda says 'Freestyle Love Supreme' is different every night

Karen Butler

Oct. 2 (UPI) -- Actor, writer, composer and rapper Lin-Manuel Miranda said every performance of his new Broadway show, Freestyle Love Supreme, is different because it is based on the suggestions of the audience.

"You make the show. You give us a verb and then 80 minutes later you have an entire hip-hop musical," Miranda said on Tuesday's edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


The Hamilton creator said he and his friends came up with Freestyle Love Supreme in the basement of a New York book store in 2003 while they were working on his first musical, In the Heights.

"We had no money. I was a substitute teacher," Miranda recalled. "Here we are, 15 years later on Broadway. It was for fun and we've just continued to find people who are good with this and now there are 20 members of Freestyle Love Supreme."

He said the first public performance of the show was during the blackout of 2003 when most of New York City was plunged into darkness.

About 16 people turned up, but the lights still weren't back on. The cast walked the audience to another location that had electricity, gave them beer and then rapped about them for awhile.


Miranda and his co-stars then gave a preview of the improvised show on Tonight.

The topic was pet peeves and the performers rapped about bunions, open floor seating in the office and college.

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