Camila Cabello releases 'Shameless' music video, new song 'Liar'

By Wade Sheridan

Sept. 5 (UPI) -- Camila Cabello released two new songs on Thursday, "Shameless" and "Liar," from her upcoming second album titled Romance.

Cabello released the audio for "Liar" on YouTube alongside a music video for "Shameless."


The fiery clip features the singer using a confessional booth inside a church and a number of women who look like Cabello dancing in red dresses.

"Right now, I'm shameless/ Screaming my lungs out for ya/ Not afraid to face it/ I need you more than I want to/ Need you more than I want to/ Show me you're shameless," Cabello sings in the chorus.

Cabello, in "Liar," sings about losing control and being unable to avoid the temptation of a lover.

"I said I won't lose control, I don't want it/ I said I won't get too close, but I can't stop it," Cabello sings.

There is no set release date for Romance. Cabello last released collaborative song "Senorita" with Shawn Mendes in June.

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