TXT delays album release due to conjunctivitis

Annie Martin

Aug. 20 (UPI) -- South Korean boy band TXT is delaying the release of its new album due to a conjunctivitis outbreak among its members.

The K-pop group pushed back its comeback album and canceled two upcoming performances Tuesday after several members contracted pink eye.


TXT's album will now debut in late October, and the group will attend but no longer perform Sept. 23 at the 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards and Sept. 27 at the Kansai Collection 2019 Autumn & Winter. TXT's agency, Bit Hit Entertainment, announced the news in a statement on Twitter.

"We would like to inform you that the release date for TOMORROW X TOGETHER'S next album will be rescheduled from late September to late October, due to members Taehyun and Heuningkai having recently contracted infectious conjunctivitis," Big Hit Entertainment said.

"After Soobin was diagnosed with the same condition earlier this month, the members immediately began living in separate quarters following the advice of medical staff in order to prevent the possibility of other members becoming infected. However, with the recent outbreak of infectious conjunctivitis, Taehyun and Heuningkai have also contracted conjunctivitis from unidentified sources," the company added.


"Soobin has currently been completely cured of conjunctivitis, and while doctors have said Taehyun and Heuningkai's conditions have progressed to where they are in no danger of further spreading the condition, they continue to require medical attention and management," Big Hit said. "As a result, it has been difficult to proceed with music video filming and other production for the new album, and a rescheduling of the release date has become unavoidable."

TXT consists of Taehyun, Heuning Kai, Soobin, Yeonjun and Beomgyu, and released its debut album, The Dream Chapter: Star, in March. The group released a cat version of its music video for the single "Cat & Dog" in April.


TXT is the first group to debut from Big Hit Entertainment since BTS.

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