Octomom kids to release Christmas tune

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17 (UPI) -- California's so-called Octomom -- who has 14 children after giving birth to octuplets -- found a quintet among them to record a Christmas song.

Nadya Suleman's kids went into a studio to record "I'm Ready," an original tune by rapper Romeo Holloway that was released on Amazon and iTunes this weekend.


Suleman's representative told she had dubbed her pint-sized crooners the "Roctuplets," and two more tunes were already on tape and ready for release in the near future.

"They had a lot of fun recording the songs," the rep told, adding the proceeds from the recordings go to the Suleman college fund.

Octomom was not a stage mom hovering around the recording studio when the Yuletide tracks were laid down. She checked into rehab last month for treatment of prescription drug abuse.

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