Marley kin locked in trademark suit

MIAMI, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- Bob Marley's half-brother says he had the late Jamaican reggae legend's blessing to use his image commercially.

Richard Booker responded to a trademark-infringement lawsuit filed in Miami by Marley's widow and several of his children by contending that he was using the singer's name with his consent and authorization.

Advertisement said Saturday the suit was filed over Booker's use of Marley's dread-locked picture on products and to promote concerts without the permission of 56 Hope Road Music, the family company that claims exclusive control of all things Marley.

Booker filed a countersuit saying Marley and his mother, Cedella, gave him permission before Marley's death in 1981 to use the family name and asking the court to dismiss the suit filed by 56 Hope Road Music. Cedella Marley died in 2008.

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