'Scream VI,' 'Big Door Prize' star Josh Segarra embraces characters' masks

Danny (Josh Segarra) tries to warn his neighbors that Ghostface is in their apartment. Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures
1 of 5 | Danny (Josh Segarra) tries to warn his neighbors that Ghostface is in their apartment. Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

LOS ANGELES, March 10 (UPI) -- Josh Segarra said his two upcoming roles -- Scream VI, in theaters Friday, and Apple TV+ series The Big Door Prize, streaming March 29 -- show how he distinguishes each role he plays.

"I want all my characters to look different," Segarra told UPI in a recent phone interview. "I like hiding behind my characters' masks."


In the Scream sequel, Segarra, 36, plays Danny, a neighbor with whom survivor Sam (Melissa Barrera) has a secret relationship. When new Ghostface killers pursue her and her sister, Tara (Jenna Ortega), Danny becomes embroiled in the horror, too.

Big Door Prize casts Segarra as Giorgio, the owner of an Italian restaurant in a small town. A machine mysteriously appears in the town corner store, which tells users their purpose in life. Learning their presumed purpose affects each character in town differently.


Homework for 'Scream VI'

"One of my favorite things to do when I get a script is try to find what makes the character I'm playing tick," Segarra said. "What is their heart? What makes them feel?"

His Danny character is new in the Scream series, but he has a history with Sam, who is returning to the franchise. Segarra said he welcomed the opportunity to fill in the gaps.

After surviving the events of 2022's Scream, Sam is wary of any strangers, including those in her sister's life. The fact that she trusts Danny says a lot, even though she won't tell any of her friends about him.

"I think he understands the secrecy," Segarra said. "There's part of her that she's probably still protecting, just to be safe, and he understands that sometimes those walls take time to knock down."

Danny is involved in some of Scream VI's harrowing killer scenes. In one, he extends a ladder between his apartment and Sam's so she and her friends can crawl across to escape Ghostface.

"That's me pulling that ladder," Segarra said. "I opened that ladder and chucked it across the alleyway probably 100 times, so I got my workout in."


Segarra said the ladder scene took five days to film on a set in Montreal that doubled for the film's New York setting. The sequence exhausted all of his co-stars, too.

"By day five, we were all sitting off set, nursing these wounds, drinking our water and Gatorade," Segarra said.

In another scene, Danny accompanies Sam and her friends onto the subway. As they evade Ghostface, they wind up on a train to Halloween parties with passengers dressed as Ghostface and other horror movie characters.

"A bunch of Easter eggs on that train reminded me of many Halloween nights that I've had in New York City," Segarra said. "So hopefully, now we're putting a little bit of fear into folks next time they get on the train."

'The Big Door Prize'

The Big Door Prize introduces Giorgio with a lot of swagger. He retired as a New York Rangers goalie after an injury, but keeps sports memorabilia at his restaurant and continues to wear athletic tracksuits.

Segarra said Giorgio's athletic persona allowed him to play with "his layers, figuratively and literally, his layers."


Giorgio is Italian and Puerto Rican on The Big Door Prize. Segarra is Puerto Rican, having grown up in Florida and moving to New York to study at New York University. He said he wanted to make the Italian side of Giorgio accurate.

"When he drops certain Italian phrases, I definitely wanted to make it as authentic as possible," Segarra said. "I hope to do it justice. I hope people giggle along the way."

While Danny kept his relationship a secret out of respect for his partner, Giorgio keeps secrets to project a certain image to his neighbors. Segarra said the 10 episodes of The Big Door Prize allow him to reveal what's beneath Giorgio's surface.

"You'll realize that he's all heart," Segarra said. "He's all love. He's full of passion."

'The Other Two'

Segarra filmed The Big Door Prize before Scream, but both after his role on Marvel's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. However, Segarra said both Scream VI and Big Door Prize's filmmakers were inspired to cast him by the comedy The Other Two.

The Other Two premiered on Comedy Central in 2020 and moved to HBO Max for Season 2. Segarra said Season 3 wrapped two months ago.


The Other Two stars Drew Tarver and Helene Yorke as Cary and Brooke Dubek. The Dubeks are struggling with their place in the entertainment industry when their younger brother, Chase (Case Walker), becomes a famous recording star.

Segarra plays Lance Arroyo, Brooke's ex-boyfriend who remains in the Dubeks' life. Lance even has nicknames for all of them.

"There's no way Lance is leaving the Dubeks," Segarra said. "He loves Chase too much, he loves Care Bear too much, he loves Cook Brooke too much. Mom Dubek, that's his girl."

Molly Shannon plays matriarch Pat Dubek, who got her own talk show in Season 2. Lance is an aspiring shoe designer, but originally worked at a restaurant, one Segarra knew from his own dining experience.

"When I originally read the script, Lance worked at Medieval Times," Segarra said. "I've been many a time to the Medieval Times, so I knew exactly what they were going for."

When The Other Two changed Lance's job to Foot Locker, with his own design aspirations, Segarra said he didn't miss a beat. He worked at a shoe store in Orlando and said he drew on his sales experiences pushing Buy One, Get One Free deals.


Outside of his shoe business, Segarra thinks Lance is a positive influence in Brooke's life. However, Segarra won't reveal if they end up together in Season 3.

"He loves Brooke for the parts of her that maybe she doesn't even love about herself but he tells her it's all okay," Segarra said. "We all could use a little bit of Lance in our life."

HBO Max has not announced the premiere date for The Other Two Season 3.

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