British Independent Film Awards introduce gender-neutral acting categories

July 5 (UPI) -- The British Independent Film Awards is introducing several new awards, including gender-neutral acting categories.

BIFA will replace its gendered acting categories with five new awards: Best Lead Performance, Best Supporting Performance, Best Joint Lead Performance -- for two or three performances that are the joint focus of the film -- and Best Ensemble.


The new categories join Breakthrough Performance.

"We're very excited to be able to launch BIFA's new expanded awards categories which will more fully capture the range of exceptional performances and acting talent in British independent film and allow us to celebrate even more talent than ever before," BIFA directors Amy Gustin and Deena Wallace said.

Other organizations have also switched to gender-neutral categories, including the Berlin Film Festival, the MTV Movie Awards and the BRIT Awards.


BIFA also introduced the new category Best Debut Director - Feature Documentary, which joins the Douglas Hickox Award for Best Debut Director for fiction features.

In addition, Best Music will be separated into Best Original Music and Best Music Supervision.

The 2022 British Independent Film Awards will take place Dec. 4. This year's nominations will be announced Nov. 3.

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