'Mank' trailer: Gary Oldman struggles to write in David Fincher film

Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Netflix is giving a glimpse of David Fincher's new film Mank.

The streaming service shared a trailer for the biopic Wednesday featuring Gary Oldman as Citizen Kane screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz.


The preview shows Mankiewicz (Oldman), aka Mank, struggle to write the classic 1941 film Citizen Kane while contending with director Orson Welles and issues in his personal life.

The trailer also explores Mank's relationship with news magnate William Randall Hearst, who inspired the Citizen Kane character Charles Foster Kane.

"1930s Hollywood is reevaluated through the eyes of scathing social critic and alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) as he races to finish the screenplay of Citizen Kane," Netflix said in a description.

Mank co-stars Tom Banks as Welles, Amanda Seyfried as Mank's longtime lover Marion Davies, Lily Collins as Mank's stenographer Rita Alexander, Arliss Howard as MGM co-founder Louis B. Mayer and Tom Pelphrey as Mank's brother, writer and director Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

Netflix also shared a poster for the film created by artist Anna Park. The company previously released a teaser trailer for the movie.

Fincher directed Mank based on a script by his late father, Jack Fincher. The film will open in select theaters in November before premiering Dec. 4 on Netflix.

Mank marks Fincher's first film since Gone Girl (2014). Fincher is also known for directing Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac and The Social Network.

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