Demi Moore to star in pandemic thriller, 'Songbird'

Demi Moore is to star in the new thriller, Songbird.  File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI
Demi Moore is to star in the new thriller, "Songbird."  File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo

June 24 (UPI) -- A Few Good Men and St. Elmo's Fire actress Demi Moore has signed on to star in the pandemic thriller, Songbird.

Co-starring Craig Robinson, Paul Walter Hauser and Peter Stormare, the film will be directed by Adam Mason, who co-wrote the script with Simon Boyes.


The project is being produced by Invisible Narratives in partnership with Catchlight Studios and Michael Bay.

Filming will "utilize strict social distancing practices and innovative techniques that will allow for shooting to begin imminently," a press release from the producers said Wednesday.

A synopsis of the movie described it as a love story.

"Told from street level through the eyes of the characters, Songbird takes place two years into the future, as lockdown has been re-implemented after a more serious virus continues to mutate," the synopsis said.

"In a feeble attempt to keep the sickness contained, the city has been bisected into haves and have nots. The film centers around an essential worker who has a rare immunity, a delivery man who delivers goods and hope throughout the city. Like the vast majority of the population, his girlfriend is locked within her home, and the couple have no ability to physically be together. To be with the one he loves, our hero must overcome martial law, murderous vigilantes and a powerful, well connected family, helmed by a matriarch who will stop at nothing to protect her family and maintain her way of life."


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