Liam Hemsworth plays 'Most Dangerous Game' in new trailer

March 24 (UPI) -- Quibi is giving a glimpse of the new film Most Dangerous Game.

The short-form streaming service shared a new trailer for the movie Tuesday featuring Liam Hemsworth as Dodge, a terminally-ill man seeking to provide for his pregnant wife.


The preview shows Dodge meet a mysterious man (Waltz), who offers him the chance to participate in a deadly game where he is the prey.

"The sport in its purest form -- a hunt to kill," Waltz's character says.

Waltz's character says the game takes place over 24 hours. Dodge earns more money each hour he survives, with the chance to make up to $24.5 million.

"Trust no one. Stay paranoid," Waltz's character advises Dodge.

Most Dangerous Game is inspired by the Richard Connell short story The Most Dangerous Game. The film is one of Quibi's "movies in chapters" series, which presents films in episodes of 7-10 minutes.

Quibi features original content presented in "quick bites" of 10 minutes or less. The service will launch with 50 shows April 6.

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