'Green Hornet' film rights acquired by Amasia Entertainment

Jan. 29 (UPI) -- The film rights to the Green Hornet franchise has been acquired by Amasia Entertainment, the company's co-founders Michael Helfant and Bradley Gallo announced on Wednesday.

Amasia Entertainment is developing a new Green Hornet film. The rights at one point were controlled by Universal, Dimension, Columbia and most recently Paramount who had the rights lapse in 2019.


The Green Hornet is a crime fighting hero who appeared in radio serials in the 1930s. The Green Hornet is joined by his highly-skilled partner Kato with the duo also using a hi-tech car known as The Black Beauty.

The Green Hornet was adapted into a 1966 television series that famously starred Bruce Lee as Kato. Sony released a film version in 2011 from director Michel Gondry that starred Seth Rogen in the lead role, Jay Chou as Kato, Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz.

Paramount started developing a new film in 2016 from director Gavin O'Connor with the project never heading into production.

Helfant was previously the president and chief operating officer of Marvel Studios for several years beginning in 2005.


"This is one of the only stand-alone classic superhero franchises," Helfant said in a statement.

"We're a bunch of fan geeks at Amasia and are thrilled about creating something fresh and truly worthy of this legacy property. A new world that is relevant and thrilling, while respecting and honoring the original vision of creator George W. Trendle," he continued.

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