'Holiday in the Wild': Kristin Davis, Rob Lowe visit Africa in first look

Annie Martin

Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Netflix is giving a glimpse of Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe in Holiday in the Wild.

The streaming service shared a poster and first look photo Tuesday on Twitter of Davis and Lowe in the new romantic comedy.


Davis plays a divorcée who goes on safari in Zambia. She unexpectedly finds love with Lowe's character at a wildlife sanctuary.

"Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe star in 'Holiday in the Wild,' a touching new film about a divorcée who embarks on a safari in Zambia where she rediscovers herself while working at a local elephant sanctuary," the caption reads.

Davis herself is a wildlife activist who has been involved in elephant conservation efforts since she helped rescue an orphaned elephant during a 2009 trip to Kenya.

"My own story is not a romantic comedy, per se," she told Entertainment Weekly. "It's just me falling in love with elephants and learning about the poaching crisis and trying to help."

Davis and Lowe previously co-starred in the 1999 miniseries Atomic Train. Davis is known for playing Charlotte York on Sex and the City, while Lowe portrayed Sam Seaborn on The West Wing.


Holiday in the Wild premieres Nov. 1 on Netflix.

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