'OITNB' star Uzo Aduba fights for her son's education in 'Miss Virginia' trailer

By Fred Topel

Aug. 30 (UPI) -- Vertical Entertainment released a trailer for Miss Virginia on Friday. Uzo Aduba stars as Virginia Walden Ford in the film based on Walden Ford's true story. Vertical will release Miss Virginia in theaters, On Demand and digital on Oct. 18.

Walden Ford was a single mother in Washington, D.C. Seeing her son tempted by drug dealers and getting suspended from public school, Walden Ford sent him to private school. She could not afford tuition, however. So Walden Ford led a movement to convince Congress to fix D.C. schools and create the Opportunity Scholarship Program for low income students.


The trailer encapsulates Virginia (Aduba)'s entire journey, from her son's suspension, their family's money struggles, the street dealers offering an alternative to school, canvassing the streets getting signatures and Virginia's campaign for education reform.

The trailer culminates in Virginia's powerful speech to a government committee.

"You are going to do right by the thousands of kids in Washington, D.C.," Virginia says in the film. "So you cannot, you will not deny our children their right to learn."

Adubo won two Emmys for her role as "Crazy Eyes" in Orange Is the New Black. Niles Finch plays Virginia's son. Matthew Modine plays Congressman Cliff Williams, a fictional character in the film. Amirah Vahn and Vanessa Williams also star.


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