Keanu Reeves: John Wick is fighting for his 'life' and 'soul'

By Annie Martin
Keanu Reeves plays the title character in the "John Wick" movies. File Photo by Keizo Mori/UPI | <a href="/News_Photos/lp/5f615a4b5eb2597b9fa26f2e5903e407/" target="_blank">License Photo</a>
Keanu Reeves plays the title character in the "John Wick" movies. File Photo by Keizo Mori/UPI | License Photo

April 15 (UPI) -- Keanu Reeves says John Wick is fighting for his "life" and "soul" in the John Wick movies.

The 54-year-old actor discussed the character's inner struggle in the May issue of GQ ahead of the release of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.


Wick begins in John Wick (2014) as a former assassin mourning the death of his wife (Bridget Moynahan). He returns to his violent lifestyle after Russian mobsters kill his puppy.

"He's got this beautiful, tragic conundrum -- these two selves," Reeves told the magazine. "The John who was married, and John Wick, the assassin."

"John wants to be free. But the only was he knows how is through John Wick. And John Wick keeps [expletive] killing people and breaking rules," he said. "We're really watching a person fight for their life and their soul."

Reeves' former stunt double, Chad Stahelski, directed the John Wick films and had nothing but praise for the actor's physical dedication and "mental fortitude" on set.

"I don't know anyone that puts more into the game, collaboratively, physically, intellectually," the director said of Reeves.


"You've got your former stunt double directing you. So he knows what you're capable of," he said. "And Keanu, 20 years later, is holding that up! That's not just physical. That's mental. That's a certain kind of mental fortitude."

The original John Wick was made on a $20 million budget and was a critical and commercial success following its release. Reeves said he will continue to star in John Wick movies as long as there is a demand.

"As far as my legs can take me," he said. "As far as the audience wants to go."

John Wick 3 - Parabellum opens in theaters May 17. The film released a trailer in January showing Wick seeking help from Sofia, a new character played by Halle Berry.

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