Mia Goth says she 'could very much relate to' her 'Cure For Wellness' character

By Karen Butler
Mia Goth talks about her new movie "A Cure For Wellness" in New York on February 14. Photo by Karen Butler/UPI
1 of 3 | Mia Goth talks about her new movie "A Cure For Wellness" in New York on February 14. Photo by Karen Butler/UPI

Feb. 15 (UPI) -- Mia Goth says she found it easy to relate to the mysterious, young woman she plays in director Gore Verbinski's psychological thriller A Cure For Wellness.

"I really connected to Hannah and, as an actor, that's the kind of thing that I try to find in scripts, trying to find parallels with the character that's written on the page and I was able to find that with Hannah," the 23-year-old, British model and actress told UPI during a round-table interview with reporters in New York Tuesday.


"It's very much a coming-of-age story for her, in many ways. She's forced to take this leap from girlhood to womanhood and she really goes on quite a journey throughout the film," Goth explained. "Being 21 when I shot it, that was something I could very much relate to. And I'm still going through it. Trying to understand my womanhood and the power that comes with that and sometimes it's terrifying for Hannah. Sometimes it's exhilarating and sometimes it's uncomfortable, but, ultimately, I had great respect for her because she shows herself to have a lot of resilience and courage."


Best known for co-starring in Nymphomaniac: Vol. II with her now-husband Shia LaBeouf, Goth said she loved the many twists and turns that drive A Cure For Wellness, a contemporary story that follows an ambitious, New York business executive [played by Dane DeHaan] to a luxurious spa in the Swiss Alps where not everything is what it seems. Hannah is a longtime resident of the facility with a strong bond to the man who runs it.

"I read the script for the first time and I thought it was incredibly well-written," Goth recalled. "I would be reading it and I would think I would know where the plot was headed and then it would take a completely different turn. It never really allowed you to predict what was going to happen. And, when I got sent the details, it said that Gore was directing and Dane was starring in it and all of that made it incredibly exciting to me, and it made it something that I really wanted to be a part of and chased."

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