'Expendables 3' releases explosive final trailer

"So our plan is to kick down the door and start spraying bullets?" Thorn (Glen Powell) asks.

By Annie Martin

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1 (UPI) -- Expendables 3 released an explosive final trailer Friday.

The preview sees the team face off against founding-member-turned-villain Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson). Sylvester Stallone stars as leader Barney Ross, with Jason Statham as knife expert Lee Christmas, Antonio Banderas as sharpshooter Galgo, Jet Li as hand-to-hand combat expert Yin Yang, Wesley Snipes as former medic Doctor Death, Dolph Lundgren as the volatile Gunner Jensen, Kelsey Grammer as ally Bonaparte, Randy Couture as demolitions expert Toll Road, Terry Crews as barrel-weapons specialist Hale Caesar, Kellan Lutz as John Smilee, Ronda Rousey as bouncer Luna, Glen Powell as hacker Thorn, and Victor Ortiz as sharpshooter Mars.


The trailer debuts a week after the movie itself leaked online. A DVD-quality copy was made available on various piracy websites July 23, and has reportedly been downloaded more than a million times. Lionsgate filed a lawsuit in California federal court Thursday against "John Does 1-10." The suit targets the operators behind several piracy sites, but the identity of the person who originally leaked the film has not been revealed.


Expendables 3 opens in theaters August 15.

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