Bradley Cooper talks Wolf Pack evolution by 'Hangover 3'

By KAREN BUTLER, United Press International  |  Oct. 11, 2013 at 8:58 PM
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Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper says "The Hangover Part III," the final installment of the big-screen comedy franchise, shows how much the characters have evolved as friends through the years.

Starring Cooper, Justin Bartha, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, the first film was about a Las Vegas bachelor party gone horribly awry. The sequel finds the "Wolf Pack" on the run from drug dealers while preparing for another wedding -- this time in Bangkok. In the series capper, the friends go on a road trip to Vegas in an effort to help Galifianakis' quirky, depressed character, Alan, get through a personal crisis.

Asked at a Sin City press conference if he is happy about where the franchise's characters end up, Cooper replied, "I think it's more along the lines of where we wanted the movie to end up.

"I think we all think of it in terms of the story instead of each individual character," the 38-year-old Philadelphia native explained. "That's what's been so special about it. It does feel like a communal endeavor. The filming of the movie. The logistics. Every day, attacking the scene. It does feel like it's the four of us. ... Ideas are thrown and shared and there's no ownership at all. People say that about collaborative experiences, but this really is the case. It started in the first one, but really manifested itself in a more economical way in the third one."

Cooper went on to call Alan "one of the most incredible creations of a comedic character in decades in film," adding it was fun to get to know him better before closing out the film series.

"The fact that the story revolves around figuring out just who the heck he is and how can we tame the beast? is a wonderful choice [director] Todd Phillips made and, hopefully, one the audience wants to see and my hunch is it will be. There is no more lost night, no more inebriated devastation. It's, 'Let's take care of our friend.'"

"The Hangover Part III" is now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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