Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" dubbed 'rapey' by critics

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Despite the fact that Robin Thicke's single "Blurred Lines" featuring T.I. and Pharrell has reached No. 1 in both American and British charts, critic's aren't too impressed with the song and have even dubbed it's lyrics and video as "rapey."

According to The Daily Beast the song's racy lyrics about the blurred lines between what a naked woman implies by being naked and what she actually wants become even more disrespectful when paired with a video that features three models dancing in nothing but heels and a nude thong.


"The nudity might be fine if the song was called, “Let’s All Have Some Fun,” but it’s called “Blurred Lines,” and the subject itself is enough to make some female music fans uncomfortable," writes the Daily Beast. "The song is about how a girl really wants crazy wild sex but doesn’t say it—positing that age-old problem where men think no means yes into a catchy, hummable song."

Thickle's unrated video for "Blurred Lines" was banned from YouTube in March, but can still be seen in the singer's VEVO.

And while some people see a song about sex, others see a song about rape.


“Has anyone heard Robin Thicke’s new rape song?” Feminist blogger Lisa Huyne wrote in a post in April. “Basically, the majority of the song (creepily named ‘Blurred Lines’) has the R&B singer murmuring ‘I know you want it’ over and over into a girl’s ear. Call me a cynic, but that phrase does not exactly encompass the notion of consent in sexual activity … Seriously, this song is disgusting—though admittedly very catchy.”

In spite all the criticism, "Blurred Lines" continues to rise up in the charts. As for Thicke's rationale for the song, he told VH1 controversy is a price that comes with the fun.

"We pretty much wanted to take all the taboos of what you're not supposed to do," he said, "... bestiality, you know, injecting a girl in her bum with a five-foot syringe — I just wanted to break every rule of things you're not supposed to do and make people realize how silly some of these rules are."

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