Billy Crystal's talking green eyeball is back for 'Monsters University'

By KATE STANTON,  |  June 16, 2013 at 6:40 PM
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Billy Crystal may have started his film career with a movie like "When Harry Met Sally," which famously features a scene about faking orgasms, but the 65-year-old comedian and actor is happy that his latest project, "Monsters University," is something his grandkids can see.

“I couldn’t show them ‘When Harry Met Sally,’" Crystal says in a new interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. “Can you imagine the orgasm scene? Meg Ryan would be yelling, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ The kids would be saying, ‘What is she doing?’ I’d have to say, ‘You’ll find out when you’re 36.’"

“Now, all I hear on the phone is, ‘Hi Grandpa, we want to talk to the green guy Mike Wazowski.’ So I have to say, ‘Hold on, kids, I’ll get him,'" Crystal added.

In "Monsters University," due out June 21, Crystal reprises his role as the talking green eyeball of 2011's "Monsters, Inc." In the prequel, viewers get to see Mike and John Goodman's character, "Sully," meet for the first time.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, Goodman explained that his partnership with Crystal helped their characters take shape.

"Billy would start riffing and I'd try to keep up with him, and that was fun. Just the two of us together, the thing exploded," Goodman said.

Crystal told The Province that "Monsters University" has fans of all ages. He even received a surprisingly enthusiastic reception from University of Southern California students who recently attended a screening of the film.

“They went berserk," Crystal said. “Then I realized Monsters University is all about them, because they were six and seven when ["Monsters, Inc."] first came out.”

Watch the latest clip from the film below.

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