Sam Feher dating 'Summer House' co-star Kory Keefer

April 5 (UPI) -- Summer House co-stars Sam Feher and Kory Keefer are dating.

Feher discussed her relationship with Keefer during Tuesday's episode of the So Bad It's Good with Ryan Bailey podcast.


"From the jump, I was 100 percent me around Kory. Because he's 100 percent him, and he loves that I'm so big and crazy and loud," she said. "I never have to beg him to get up on the countertop with me."

Feher also confirmed the relationship in an interview with Page Six.

"Kory's my boyfriend!" she announced. "That is so weird. I haven't had a boyfriend in so long."

Feher said she and Keefer "made it official a little while ago" and that their love story will unfold on Summer House.

"I don't want to get emotional, but it's very special to find someone who means so much to you and then get to relive that experience all the time," she added.

Summer House is a Bravo reality series that follows a group of friends who share a summer house in the Hamptons. Feher joined the cast in Season 7, which premiered in February.

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