Peacock, Duolingo release trailer for fake dating competition show

March 31 (UPI) -- The language platform Duolingo and streaming service Peacock released a trailer for an outrageous -- but fake -- reality dating show in which none of the contestants speak the same language.

Released ahead of April Fool's Day on Saturday, the 90-second "preview" for Love Language showed numerous good-looking people looking for romance -- including Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle and Perfect Match -- but frustrated by the lack of communication.


"From cities all over the world, 10 confident and flirty singles will come together to share a house in paradise in hopes of finding true love. The catch? None of them speak the same language," a synopsis for the faux series said.

"The dating competition will force bikini-clad contestants to learn a new tongue in more ways than one. If they fail to do their daily Duolingo language lessons or find a match by the end of an episode, the singles will be eliminated by the show's iconic host and merciless judge, Duo the Owl."

Duolingo and Peacock said the April Fool's Day joke is an on-brand advertisement for them since Duolingo tries to make learning languages "fun and entertaining," while Peacock is the home to "fan-centric, groundbreaking reality programming."


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