NFL personality Jay Glazer and Rosie Tenison are engaged

Jay Glazer announced that he and girlfriend Rosie Tenison are engaged. Photo courtesy of Fox Sports
1 of 3 | Jay Glazer announced that he and girlfriend Rosie Tenison are engaged. Photo courtesy of Fox Sports

March 20 (UPI) -- NFL personality Jay Glazer announced his engagement Sunday just in time for Monday's National Proposal Day.

The Fox NFL Sunday host and NFL 'insider' said in an Instagram post he's engaged to Rosie Tenison.


"It only took me 53 years to find true love. For everyone out there... it's never too late,' Glazer posted. "Because of my gray [depression] I've felt unlovable for 53 years! As a result, I've sabotaged and pushed others away- that's what the gray gets you to do," he said alluding to his struggles with depression and anxiety.

That was the subject of his bestselling 2022 book, Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety Into Motivation and You Can, Too.

"But it takes a special spirit to stand there with me, help me grow, and feel worthy of feeling loved," Glazer continued. "That's who this woman is!! This amazing, incredible soul Rosie Tenison saw my pain but more so saw my heart and said 'This man takes care of so many people but who takes care of him? I want to be the one to take care of him!'"


Tenison and Glazer were dating but broke up, according to a source, People reported. But once he gained more control over his mental health, the relationship was able to blossom.

Tenison is a former model and a clothing designer who now owns the boutique Varga in Los Angeles. Her twin sister, Renee Tenison, was the first Black Playboy Playmate in 1990. The sisters posed for Playboy together in 2002.

Glazer will return to Fox NFL Sunday hosting duties once the season begins again in August. He's also an MMA host for Paramount and owns a gym in Los Angeles with former NFL star Brian Urlacher and women's volleyball captain Lindsay Berg.

Players and personalities from around the NFL and celebrity world congratulated the couple in the comments, with Troy Aikman, fellow NFL personality Adam Schefter, NFL champion Rob Gronkowski, The Rock, Terry Crews, and sports personalities Clarissa Thompson and Rich Eisen all posting their best wishes.

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