Mattea Roach notches 18th 'Jeopardy!' win

April 28 (UPI) -- Mattea Roach, the youngest super champion on Jeopardy!, won her 18th game Thursday.

The 23-year old tutor from Toronto had a final tally of $42,001 to defeat Renée Russell from Baltimore ($1,201) and Manav Jain from Clemson, S.C., ($500). That brings Roach's total winnings to $438,183.


Roach is ranked eighth on the show's all-time consecutive games list, and holds the longest winning streak for a Canadian contestant. She told ABC's Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts that she was proud to represent her country on the show, especially since Jeopardy!'s late host Alex Trebek was also from Canada.

"To get to represent Canada on the 'Alex Trebek Stage' means a lot," she told Roberts. "As Canadians, we're so proud of our homegrown celebrities who made it big in the U.S. And so, it didn't occur to me as I was taping these shows that I had become the longest-running Canadian but I'm really honored by the support that everyone across the country has shown me. It's so meaningful and it fills me with so much joy."

The score was close Thursday as the three contestants headed into Final Jeopardy -- Roach had $22,600 in the bank, while Russell had $21,000 and Jain had $600. Roach was the only person to correctly answer the final.


Roach won $2,000 in a Daily Double, while Russell added $7,000 to her score by answering two Daily Doubles correctly.

Some other records this season have included Yale University Ph.D. student Matt Amodio hitting a 38-game winning streak, and Amy Schneider's recent 40-game winning streak, second only to Ken Jennings, who set the top record with 74 consecutive wins in 2004.

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