Naomi Grossman reveals 'AHS' makeup secrets on 'Painted with Raven'

Jan. 6 (UPI) -- American Horror Story actor Naomi Grossman served as guest judge on Thursday's episode of Painted with Raven and shared some behind-the-scenes details of her character's unusual look.

Grossman joined host Raven -- aka David Petruschin -- as a guest judge for the seventh episode of Painted with Raven's first season, which is available Thursday on streaming service WOW Presents Plus.


Grossman, who played Pepper in the second and fourth seasons of American Horror Story, shared details of the prosthetics and makeup she wore to become the unusual character, who is afflicted with a condition known as microcephaly,

"I must say, when I saw the character of Pepper, I didn't realize that it was a prosthetic," Raven says to Grossman in a clip provided exclusively to UPI.

Grossman says even some of her coworkers on the show didn't realize Pepper's unsettling look was artificially created.

"There were people on set that didn't want to make eye contact," Grossman says.

The episode featuring Grossman is available to stream Thursday on WOW Presents Plus. The reality competition series was recently renewed for a second season.

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